Build with Google Chrome for the Largest LEGO Set in the Digital World


LEGO Australia celebrates its 50th birthday by creating the world’s largest LEGO set, thanks to Google Chrome. “Build” is an unlikely collaboration between the two giants that fuses WebGL with the latest in-browser graphics and Google Maps to allow users the virtual pleasures of creating, renovating and sharing their very own unique digital LEGO structures on a global platform. Start building and show your skills off to friends and family via email or Google+. You can build any and all impossible things here. The possibilities are infinite and mind blowing.

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UNDERCOVER x Medicom Toy “UNDERMAN” 12-Inch Figures


Here is a closer look at the 12-inch figurine collaboration between Japanese labels UNDERCOVER and Medicom Toy. The two toys are designed after the hero UNDERMAN and his archnemesis, Piranoido. The characters are adorned with intricate details, as well as clothed with replicated pieces from the company’s Spring/Summer 2011 Collection. The duo is priced at $344 USD each, and can be purchased at Bricksworth and select UNDERCOVER stockists.


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