Tupac Back ! Coachella’s Live Hologram Performance

This year at California’s Coachella music event they had resurrected Tupac from the dead to perform along with Snoop Dogg after a welcome with the track “Hail Mary.” Tupac Shakur had shown on stage afterwards in a holographic form to perform the song “2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted” along with Snoop. The future is definitely here now putting this new technology to use better then ever before ! Japan is known to have had these type of performances with holograms and Mariah Carey had once seen using this. Tupac Shakurs ressurection along with Nate Dogg’s has definitely made the best impact and created one of the greatest performances to see to date. Read more to view Nate Dogg’s live video along with Dr. Dre.

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RIP Nathaniel Dwayne Hale known as Nate Dogg

Nathaniel Dwayne Hale also known as by rapper stage name Nate Dogg had passed away last night of March 15th, 2011. Known for having health problems in 2007 – 08′ with heart attacks and strokes causing his left side of his body paralyzed in 2008. His cause of death is unkown at the moment. Forever will he be remembered for over 40 chart singles with his iconic gangsta R&B and affilitations. Nate Dogg rest in peace. DPGC Dogg Pound Gangsta for life.